Wild Rock


Let’s get acquainted

Hi, it would be nice to meet you. I am a real cider unlike any other because awarded for my taste and packaging.. I’m Wild Rock Cider. I was brought up by solid rock, so I hope you will be my brother in arms and we will roll together towards the stairway to heaven.

I come to you from the heart of Poland, from juice squeezed out of an apple – not from any concentrate. Do you appreciate the choice? Great, because that’s exactly what I am offering you.






I squeeze as much out of my life as possible – I can offer you nine percent of pure apple strength.
The freshly picked apples are thoroughly washed, then the juice is squeezed out (NFC), then it goes to Piotrków, and there, with a little help from my friends (yeast and the nutrient), I am made, a cider different than any other. I like to flirt with metal – there must be something up as they finally packed me into a can.

[Have I already mentioned that in addition to strength,
I bring lightly sparkling refreshment?]

Cider for

I know this world can be strange, but I believe that there are more people like you. People who choose the best. Those who want specifics like my 9 percent. I would like you to be my friend.

The show must go on, so don’t hesitate and let’s get to know each other. I can guarantee that both as an apple and as an apple with a cherry – I will help you start many parties. And don’t cry, girl – I’m at your service, too.

Where am I?

Where will you meet me? Both in large supermarkets and small stores
– request for me so that I could visit also your neighbourhood.

Goodbye, Brother.

See you later, Sister.

I see joy in you at the thought
of wildness and sharpness!

We are proud to create the highest quality craft alcoholic beverages.
Always with you on our minds, because thanks to you
we have been on the market for 96 years.